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I remember a while ago on tumblr, someone was ranting about how no one ever comments in the same way people did way back in the days of fanfiction writing... which is true. I'm not entirely against the 'kudos' option to things like AO3, but I can completely understand why people would be angry against it when they would rather have a written comment over an acknowledgement.

With that being said, I have been guilty of just leaving a 'like' for works - mostly because I'm not the most verbose person in the world despite spending three years in English literature, where you think I might have enough skill to at least be able to leave a decent comment behind (although with that line of thinking my grammar would be immensely better than what I have written so far on this journal, yet here we are in my landmine of mistakes lol). Also when I have a favourite writer, I realize my comments start to sound the same over and over again to a point where I feel a bit insecure about leaving a comment at all in fear of being a bother.

On that tumblr post that I mentioned at the start of this entry, someone suggested to make it a challenge to try to leave as many comments on as many works as you can - which is exactly what I have been trying to do on AO3 and for the past year or so, particularly in the Star Trek fandom since that's the thing I'm into right now :'D
I know I get a bit more motivated when there's no comments whatsoever on a work that has a high amount of kudos' or if the only comment left there is a bit assholie so I have to do my best to think of supportive words that displays my enjoyment of their work and how awesome they are for writing and posting it. It's a bonus if I can write it better than a See Spot Run book;

"This fic is good, So so good. See kudos I leave behind - right right there~"

I don't know why I'm writing this up at all, especially since I already posted up a post already today (lol I'm ruining my own career as a lazy procrastinator of all updates). I suppose it's something that I think about whenever I read fics and wish that I could have enough focus to write the ones I wanna write; instead of writing up tons of notes with various ideas written all over them. But I have to admit, trying to keep up the habit of leaving as many comments as I can has been a mini exercise in writing for me. It can be very small, but it's better than never writing anything for months and months while staying in lurk mode. Sometimes I really can't think of anything to write and either kudos it or just leave it without even liking it so that I don't feel bad for not leaving a comment behind. However, I do still try to keep it up, even if it's simple or not as insightful as everyone else's.

[I feel asleep halfway through writing this and I completely forgot if there was a point to this entry or not :P I guess the message is leave more comments if the thing you see/read makes you happy or whatever]


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